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Welcome to Woodland Wide Games

Wide Games are outdoor activities for young people of secondary school age run by Iden Green Congregational Church (IGCC). Woodland Wide Games are held on the first Friday of the month (most months - see News & Events). We start at IGCC for registration at 7pm and proceed to the woods around Iden Green village.

The games are active, testing, but above all, fun. Attendees are put into teams and given scenarios and tasks, ranging from locating hidden objects to taking their opposing team's flag, etc. After the physical challenges we finish the evening off with a thoughtful challenge and something to munch (bring some money for sweets).

Of all the youth activities run at IGCC over the years, the wide games have always been the most popular. We'll be out there in most weathers, except in high winds, so make sure you come suitably dressed i.e. waterproofs, walking boots/wellies in winter (including hat and gloves) and trainers in the summer if it is dry.

Headed-up by a team of leaders experienced in youth work, Woodland Wide Games aims to bring out the best in young people. Of course, all our staff have current CRB/DBS certificates and we undertake regular risk assessments to ensure that the we keep attendees safe at all times.



What is a Wide Game?

[Examples and photos from previous events coming soon]







We're not in it for profit and we want everyone to be able to come and take part, so the event cost is minimal at just 3 per person.

This is to cover expenses such as public liability insurance, equipment, food/drink, website, etc.











To book onto one of our events you'll need to complete a Consent Form (downloadable here). We're working on automating the whole booking and payment system via Paypal but in the meantime please bring the form and payment with you.